Press review

12.09.2018BÂTIR Magazine

For this architect's villa, we have created very large natural fir windows, as well as sliding wood-metal glazing, glazed from the...

Valais Building - Chetzeron

Bien vivre en Valais

Le Crans Hotel

18.07.2016Le Crans Hotel

 For this luxury hotel, we have designed all the wooden windows, as well as the old wooden layout of the suites and wellness areas.

Borzuat School

27.06.2016Borzuat School

In 2012, we took up a major technical challenge: to design and build a flush structural facade, rotating on all 4 sides of the...

Giète Délè

20.06.2016Giète Délè

For this Mayen on the heights of Sion, rebuilt by the Savioz-Fabrizzi architectural office, we designed Italian-style structural...

Hôtel de la Poste - Sierre

Crèche, uape, nursery, vétroz

Cube 365

04.12.2014Cube 365

in 2015, the canton of Valais, wishing to commemorate the 200th anniversary of its entry into the Confederation, offered the public...