Wood-metal entrance door

A wood-metal front door combines elegance and technology. On the inside, a wooden frame takes up the hardware, on the outside, an aluminum profile provides protection against the elements and minimizes maintenance.

The door leaf is available in several versions: assembled frame for complex shapes, glass for maximum light, solid panel for the highest requirements of stability and protection, covered with a flat sheet on the outside. A glass cut-out of the sheet metal is also possible.

You have a specific idea or an example of your future front door, we create it as a unique piece, contact us!

The must for an entry door: a digital fingerprint reader combined with an electronic lock: the door locks automatically after each use and you do not need a key to enter! Parents will appreciate this simplicity and security.


Isolation acoustique du vitrage Rw jusqu’à 47 dB
Résistance à l’effractionjusqu’à RC2


Choice of colours