Security windows

Our company is certified as a manufacturer of burglar-resistant windows. We are the first manufacturer in French-speaking Switzerland to offer you RC2/WK2 approved joinery, i.e. Resistance Class 2, with a 3-minute resistance against break-in.

RC2 windows are equipped with reinforced hardware, P4A laminated glass (4 films placed between 2 layers of glass) and a key handle. To increase the resistance to a break-in, the glass and the frame are glued together. In addition, special reinforcements are placed on windows with 2 or more leaves. These elements have been tested in the laboratory and guarantee you increased security against burglaries.

New, we also offer RC3 windows, either in fixed glazing or with 1 opening leaf. Windows made of oak, with P5A laminated glass (6 films placed between 2 layers of glass) and having a 5-minute break-in resistance.

Ideally, we recommend an anti-drilling plate, housed behind the handle and preventing unwanted handling of the handle.

Do you want to take all the necessary measures to avoid a burglary? Please refer to the brochure "Double-Turned" of the Swiss Crime Prevention: {pdf)

Have you been robbed and need to deal with the situation after this incident? The brochure "Burglary: and now" of the Swiss Crime Prevention can help you to get back to a normal life: {pdf)