Color of enameled strip

In the Structural type, you can choose the standard RAL color of your choice for the enameled glass strips. Metallic finish or NCS range not possible. Be careful, an enameled strip color must be observed through the glass, so please place a glass of corresponding thickness on the tint card. Tint variations are possible depending on the thickness of the glass, the presence of PVB film or the selective layer applied. These variations do not entitle the wearer to a change of lenses. Sun protection glasses will look darker.

Similarly, the application of color on 2 different materials can differ by one tone, either between glass and aluminum or between glass and wood.

For a specific color, ask us for a sample and you will receive the desired color within 3 weeks.

As the tint is applied to the back of the glass, it does not crumble or fade under the action of UV rays; the tint thus retains its appearance permanently.