Laminated glass

Laminated glass - VSG - is a safety glass.
It consists of 2 glass plates glued together with a transparent PVB film. In case of breakage, the glass breaks but the pieces stick together, like the windshield of your car.

VSG glass is prescribed in cases where there is a risk of falling, i.e. glass going from the floor to the ceiling, window core overlooking the void, etc... As the local situation is not known to us at the time of the offer, it is not always possible for us to plan laminated glass from the outset.

Laminated glass also provides protection against break-ins as early as Resistance Class 2.

VSG glass is also used for noise requirements exceeding 39 dB; this is a different PVB film, specific to noise protection.

The PVB film stops ultraviolet rays. So if you are worried that your leather furniture, carpets or paintings will fade, we recommend laminated glass on the south side.