Window maintenance

A window is always exposed to rain, wind, and sun. It requires regular maintenance to maintain its functions for many years.

We recommend that you check the following points once a year:

  • condition of the external surface
  • condition of the seals
  • lubrication of fittings

If it seems normal for a car to be checked every year by your garage, the same applies to your windows. Contact us, we will be happy to carry out a functional check and adjustment of the fittings.

The fittings must be adjusted and greased every 2 - 3 years.

A wooden window will require more regular maintenance of the varnish, in principle every 10 years, or even 5 years depending on exposure to the weather.

A wood-metal or PVC window will require a wipe on the profiles. A Pollux or Structural window will be cleaned at the same time as the glass. Remember to regularly clean the groove of the rainwater drain, to allow rainwater to drain off, especially in wolf hops, where spiders and dead leaves can access.

The seals should be checked every 5 years: is the seal still malleable and elastic? The closing pressure should be tested with paper: if the paper is blocked, the seals are watertight. Cleaning products must not contain greasy or oily substances, which attack the seal.