Optimal ventilation of the premises

Our windows are waterproof, as recommended in the standards; but they are too waterproof for our homes!

It is, therefore, necessary to ventilate your home every day, morning and evening. A simple wide opening of 2 opposite windows for 5 minutes will create a healthy airflow, without cooling the room. Do not leave the windows open any longer, to avoid cooling the walls and creating condensation on them.

Similarly, during heating periods, do not leave a window open while you are away: air exchange is low and adjacent walls are so cold that there is a risk of condensation. Also, ventilate after showering, bathing or cooking food and evacuate water vapor from the kitchen through the extractor hood.

The presence of mold indicates persistent humidity combined with insufficient ventilation.

Did you know that an adult eliminates 1 liter of water while sleeping?

For more information on optimal ventilation of the premises, you can download the brochure of our window manufacturer association: www.fff.ch/de/optimal/en