Energy label

The Energy Label evaluates the energy efficiency of a 2-leaf window in winter, based on the calculation of the equivalent Uw value for a reference window (dim 1550x1150). The equivalent Uw value takes into account heat losses and also solar energy gains. The smaller the value, the more efficient the window is; negative values are even possible, in which case the window gains more energy than it loses.

The classification is as follows:

Class AUw,eq< 0.0high-performance
Class BUw,eq< 0.1efficient
Class CUw,eq< 0.2good windows
Class DUw,eq< 0.3standard windows
Class EUw,eq< 0.4standard windows
Class FUw,eq< 0.8existing windows
Class GUw,eq> 0.8existing window to be changed

By choosing elements with energy efficiency A or B, you will make a good investment.

A Swiss certificate is granted for windows made in Switzerland and bears a Swiss cross at the top left. This certificate is controlled by the FFF (Swiss Association of Window and Facade Manufacturers). The energy label is a simple and clear way to identify the right products.