Work in progress

EI60 window for Salquenen school


13.11.2022school in Salgesch

A large-scale building, with larch wood windows, triple glazed for safety. All elements were produced, varnished and glazed in our...

Bâtiment Blatter

Les Communaux d'Ambily

OSEO Sion, manufacture and installation of metal wooden windows.

Nest Dübendorf

27.06.2018Nest Dübendorf

NEST will inaugurate its next unit on September 24th, 2018. The SolAce unit is currently being on the south side of the Empa and...

Grimisuat School

18.07.2017Grimisuat School

Fire-resistant doors in natural oak with glazed corner elements certified EI30. All this for a finish flush with the concrete, with...

EMS Venthona

12.06.2017EMS Venthona

Very large wood-metal windows requiring special transport with a low loader trailer. Our workshop was able to digest these elements...

Satigny School

10.05.2016Satigny School

Our company is the successful bidder for a wood-metal window project, i.e. the extension of the Satigny school-mayor complex in...