Italian sash windows

The italian sash window is a TZ specialty: a Structural window flush with the facade, opening outwards. By coordinating the interior embrasures, it is possible to completely hide the frame and leaf. The window becomes a painting; seen from the inside, the landscape is complete, without any loss of light. Seen from the outside, a single enameled strip looks like fixed glazing. Only the presence of a stainless steel handle placed on the edge of the leaf indicates that this glazing can be opened. A motorized opening even eliminates any handles.

The italian sash window can easily be combined in a Structural facade, by alternating the fixed and opening windows in the same plane.

Transformation CabinTransformation CabinTransformation Cabin

Transformation Cabin

Villa CratogneVilla CratogneVilla CratogneVilla CratogneVilla Cratogne

Villa Cratogne

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Frame Insulation CoefficientUf 1.802 W/m²k
Glass Insulation CoefficientUg 0.5 - 0.7 W/m²k
Overall window insulation coefficientUw 0.95 - 0.82 W/m²k
Energy savingg 58 - 62 %
Acoustic glazing insulation Rw tested at 47 dB
Thickness of glass on sashesuntil 52 mm


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