Research & Development

The Pollux window is a revolution in automotive technology. Developed with the Research and Development Department of the Biel School of Engineering, and with the financial support of the CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation). Since 2003, we have been the first in Switzerland to manufacture windows made of glued glass-wood. It is a pioneering work, with several innovations developed by us. Our Pollux window took 6 years of research.

More than 25 tests were carried out in the laboratories of the Biel Engineering School and at our glue supplier, Sika. 

Air tightness: coefficient "a": class C
Resistance to heavy rain: class C
Wind pressure resistance: 432 km/h
Climatic chamber :
-20°c / + 70°c : safety factor = 6
30°c / 32-90% : Ugl = 6 - 18% : safety factor = 6
Analysis of isothermal curves:
controlled dew point
Function test:
Opening / closing: 50'000 cycles: - 0,7 mm
Exposure to bad weather: 
100% tensile strength after 3 years
Flexural strength: L/300
Tensile strength: safety coefficient = 6
Shear strength: safety coefficient = 15
Slip resistance :
safety factor = 6
Modulus of elasticity of the glue
Torsion test
UV resistance: QUV 2000 h  
is equivalent to 30 years of exposure''


Some key dates of our innovations


1998 :first researches on Pollux bonding with the Engineering School of Biel
2003 :first series of Pollux windows
2004 :design and manufacture of a semi-automated gluing machine for Pollux gluing design and manufacture of 2 vacuum tables for Pollux gluing
2005 :launch of our sliding system with structural lifting at the Swissbau in Basel
2012 :test at the Engineering School of Biel and production of glued glass railings on the facade installation of a 2-component silicone pump approved as a certified manufacturer of fire-resistant windows
2013 :design and construction of 3 new vacuum tables for Pollux gluing: design and construction of a scotch machine for the Pollux system: development of a wood-metal system with glued glass for HUG construction sites
2016 :approved as a certified manufacturer of burglar-resistant windows