Fireproof entrance door

For fire protection requirements, we offer you an brand new EI30 certified External entrance door
This fire-resistant -door can be produced in the wood type of your choice: in spruce, finger-jointed pine, larch, oak, etc. The fire-resistant door adapts to the other windows in your project and is not necessarily in oak; it can be tinted in the same finish as the set.

Special executions such as curved, rounded, angled, motorized, assembled at the angle, ventilation window are also possible.

Since 2011, we are the 1st French-speaking Swiss manufacturer certified in fire-rated windows. Made in our workshops, this door has a special glass containing a transparent gel which foams at high temperature and thus protects effectively in the event of fire for more than 30 minutes

The installation of a door closer is recommended, but not necessarily mandatory, unless stipulated EI30-C

External entrancedoors are also available  either glazed or with a solid panel and can be combined with EI30 or EI60 fixed parts

We hold the following labels 

VKF 26370frame combinationEI30max aperture dim endless x height 3576 spruce / 3890 oak
VKF 31182frame combinationEI60max aperture dim endless x height 2860 spruce / 4800 oak
CE 13221-leaf front doorEI30max aperture dim 1450 x 3080 max 3.95 m²
CE 13222-leaf front doorEI30max aperture dim 2460 x 3080 max 3.95 m² main wing


For formats and different combinations, please contact us.
We also assist professionals in the formalities to be completed 

The mounting hardware is conventional, you don't need fire tape; Please observe our assembly instructions and take into account the heavy weight of these safety elements.


Coefficient d’isolation du cadreUf 1.694 - 0.961 W/m²k
Coefficient d’isolation panneauUf 1.3 - 0.9 W/m²k
Coefficient d’isolation global de la fenêtreUw jusqu’à 1.30 - 0.65 W/m²k
Perméabilité à l’air selon EN 122074
Etanchéité à la pluie battante selon EN 122088A
Isolation acoustique du vitrage Rw jusqu’à 43 dB
Résistance à l’effractionjusqu’à RC4

Choice of colours